Sustainably caught fish & local specialties

At our place, you’ll find exclusively sustainably caught fish – both on the menu and at the counter. The fish from Thorupstrand is something quite special. Coastal fishing ensures that the fish are never far from the sea. The fish literally go straight from the boats into our refrigerated counter, ensuring an exceptional product. The selection depends on the day’s catch. We source as much fish as possible from Thorupstrand, and the rest comes from other coastal boats along the west coast.


The taste of right here

In our small shop, you will find a lovely selection of local goods. We choose what we like best from suppliers who have their heart in the right place.

Meet our suppliers

Nordic Distillery
A small distillery with international awards under its belt. Anders Bilgram and his small team create bold flavors in Hjortdal. If you’re into “herbal,” Nordisk Brænderi is the place for you.

Ryaa Dairy
A dairy of exceptional quality; old virtues and traditional, full-bodied flavor. We love it! Lindhart and his family stick to what works, do as “we’ve always done,” and deliver top quality in everything they do.

Læsø Seaweed
Super nerdy and super passionate! Rie walks around in waders and picks the seaweed you find with us. A modern product in full harmony with nature and the climate. What’s not to like?!

Tranum Mølle Distillery
In a small distillery, housed in an old mill, they create “no bull-shit spirits.” Ulrik Schade is the man behind it. He distills according to the dogma “less is more” and consistently crafts classic flavors with subtle twists.

Hold on tight; handmade soda popsicles made from organic berries from Thy. Undoubtedly the best soda popsicles you’ve ever tasted. Rasmus and Alex are the masterminds behind it all, completely wild and uncompromising!

Blokhus Salt
Two skilled salt artisans from Blokhus create the most delicious handmade herb salts. A small production facility with a big heart for gastronomy. Find the best salts for fish in our store.